Reasons to have paint protection film installed on your car:


  • Protects your paintwork from stone chipping, swirl marks and minor scuffs
  • High gloss durable “self healing” film
  • No need for expensive resprays or stone chip repairs
  • Higher resale value
  • Removable from original manufacturer’s paintwork if required
  • Excellent return on investment
  • Helps to prevent vandalism

There are several reasons to consider why you should opt for “cosmetic insurance” for your car.


  • Water based paints and specialist colours are more vulnerable to damage, and matching some of the modern special order colours means respraying adjacent panels on the car if you incur any damage, putting the cost up considerably.
  • It is better to protect the paint rather than reapply the paint on any car, therefore it will be the original paint from factory which is very desirable on resale.
  • The UK roads have been deteriorating for years and routine repairs on the roads are no longer “rolled in” to prepare them for traffic, often causing loose chipping to fly up towards cars and cause damage. Also during bad weather when the “gritters” are out you just can’t avoid flying debris possibly hitting and damaging your paintwork.
  • Whilst it may not be a “Star Trek” force field or Kevlar, it is the only demonstrable means to protect your car for your period of ownership, and not have the headache of seeing yet another stone chip when you come to wash the car on a weekend.
  • The film will more than pay for itself in lack of repair costs alone, not to mention the enhanced residuals when you trade the car in due to it not being either damaged or subjected to a respray – proven results reported back from regular customers
  • Low maintenance, easier to wash, and wax can be applied if desired
  • Peace of mind driving for all car owners, once you have had it on a car you will undoubtedly have it on another car, we know from our regular customers this is the case.


Having decided to have paint protection film applied to your car, the question then becomes what level of protection to have?

Any level of coverage is available, from purely a bumper through to whole car coverage.

Which of these will be right for you will depend on many variables: shape of the car, past experience with stone chipping and other damage such as swirl marks and scratches, type of driving, mileage, value of car, type/colour of paint, how long you are keeping the car and of course budget.

We would always recommend covering the whole front of the car as a minimum i.e., Full Front, Bumper, full bonnet (wrapped edges), Full Wings (wrapped edges) and back of wing mirrors, but of course “customer choice” is also important so we will quote accordingly. We can also give advice based on experience.