Why Paintshield

Why should we be your first port of call for Paint protection film?

  • Firstly we design our own templates from the ground up and have done since 2003, this means we have complete control over the process, we are not dependent on other people’s designs which may be of questionable quality, leading to “on the fly” modifications if the design doesn’t fit. Often these on the fly corrections will be undertaken with a knife (not something that has ever been done here). We never saw the point of risking damage to the paint in order to protect it.
  • We independently test the Raw material offerings from the various suppliers of raw Film to the market place and these films are run extensively on our own fleet (courtesy cars and transport) you can be fully confident the material we choose to fit to your car will perform exactly as we expect it to.
  • We Have a proven history of flawless designs and installs with tens of thousands of vehicles on UK and European Roads with our craftsmanship fitted with an equal number of satisfied clientele.
  • We never disassemble your vehicle in order to undertake the work (doing so risks your vehicle’s warranty) so you can have complete peace of mind that your car is in safe hands with us.
  • We offer various Finance Options , we also take payment with credit/debit cards (excluding American Express)
  • We are fully insured to host, work on and transport your vehicles where required, our insurance is at similar levels to the dealer you sourced the car from you can be fully confident that your vehicle is covered from Collection, install and return when we handle the complete process.
  • In house transport means that your vehicle need never see the road and risk damage in order to have it protected from the rigours every day driving will subject the vehicle to.
  • We have the most extensive warranty in the industry (available in downloads) with our historically unique “no failure” option.
  • Should you require additional services, such as detailing we can arrange for this to be undertaken on our premises so all work is done under one roof once the vehicle is in our possession.

We always endeavour to ensure that the process of applying Paint protection to your car proceeds seamlessly and flawlessly, we want you to enjoy the process and have it add to your purchasing experience not detract from it.

For a risk free family run business who puts your needs first give us a call and experience friendly, dedicated, customer service first hand.