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Are you an installer somewhere in the world? Do you want a cut kit or even a pattern that allows you to cut multiple times at no extra charge, other than the initial purchase? Then this is the page for you, prevent datamining of your high value high volume product, all with world class patterns for the most popular high end vehicles with designs used on the world’s most extensive database, you may have used our designs and never realised it, call us now to find out how much you could possibly save!

Please fill in the form below and we will sign you up and you will be able to purchase both competitively priced Kits or Pattern files for repeated Free, Cut production from our EPS files. Also the opportunity to become a Paintshield Partner to get the best possible deal on thousands of ready to go patterns.

Cut Kit Sales


We have available to purchase world renowned pre cut kits for installers to utilise, if you are on a database and find gaps, or you are looking for the highest quality kits that facilitate easier installs, provide optimised coverage and are aesthetically pleasing for even the most fastidious clientele then these are what you should consider. Our innovative approach to design allows us to predesign wrapped edges into the pattern so the pattern aligns perfectly . This results in fewer fingers, less excess material to dispose of and comes as close to lay down as you are ever likely to encounter in the world of pre cut kits.

Call us on +44(0) 1733 390777 or drop us a line at

We look forward to assisting you in providing the very best Paint protection solutions for your clientele.

Pattern Sales


So you do high volume and are on a database with poor quality patterns, or are being charged a “per cut” download fee, or are forced into buying film from a vendor who requires you to use their film to get free cuts meaning you will be paying higher pricing than you need to for raw material.

If you wish to address any of the issues above and want the best patterns in the world, then this is the place to be, we can offer you EPS paint protection patterns that can be cut on commercial graphics platforms ( Adobe illustrator, Corel Draw etc). These are licensed per facility (unlimited use in any single facility multiple facilities require additional licenses) and they are purely for your internal use and not for resale or redistribution. Once you have spoken to us you will quickly recognise the considerable savings that can be achieved by having an independent operation producing volume installs over and over again with a single up front cost.

If this is the solution you are looking for email or call +44 1733 390777 and ask for Tom or Ann, discounts are available for volume purchases, yes the more you order the cheaper the per pattern cost will be.

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