Whilst many of our suggestions for caring for our products are universal we give no warranty or guarantee (express or implied) that these will work on non Paintshield product.

  • Your car should not be washed with any car shampoo for 7 days after installation, allowing time for the film to cure properly on the car otherwise edge lift may occur which is not repairable. Pure water can be used sparingly to clean the film during that period.
  • Initially slight milkiness, patchiness or may randomly occur after installation, this is nothing to be concerned over as it is a natural part of the drying out process and is purely the result of trapped moisture under the film which will dissipate. This can take up to 3 weeks to completely disappear (depending on temperature levels).
  • Surface scratches and swirl marks on the “self healing” film will heal over a period of time, to accelerate this process pour hot water (not boiling) over the affected area and the surface will repair itself as long as the gloss top layer has not been too deeply damaged.
  • Any Wax or detailing products can be used on the self healing film although a hard Carnauba wax is the best aftermarket polish to use on the film.
  • If jet washing the product you MUST keep the nozzle at least 4 feet from the edge of the film, as the sheer force of water may cause it to lift on the edges. Should this occur take the product immediately to your Paintshield installation facility (do not touch it) who will endeavour to correct the situation. Any such damage is not covered under Warranty for repair or replacement.
  • It is advisable to remove any bird droppings from the film as quickly as possible as the acid content of the droppings may have a detrimental effect on the film over time.That being said most of the major brands can heal from bird lime (usually over 10-14 days) no matter how tempted you may be do not try to pressure any deformities as your mother told you if you had chickenpox as a child, “don’t scratch it, it will leave a mark ”Simply pour hot water over it every day to help the healing process and leave it be, if that hasn’t worked contact Paintshield and bring the car to us after the 10-14 days timescale and we will see what more needs to be done.
  • Products such as t-cut or other harsh refinishing products may damage the protective coating and cause an adverse reaction, they should be kept away from the product at all costs.Traffic Film removers (TFR’s) should not be used on the film as theyare particularly harsh and may cause the adhesive to deteriorate. Do not use abrasive chemicals or paint restoration products on the film of any kind. That being said in our tests at least one brand healed from leaving automotive paint on the film in our vandalism test although it looked quite dramatic when removed after 14 days it healed completely.
  • Certain Tar removers can cause edge lift due to attacking the adhesive, these products should be used sparingly and wiped off edges (which should be masked) immediately with a cloth.
  • Should you have any of our other film products on your car, please call us in case of query. For further advice on the self-healing properties of the film please give us a call: 01733 390777.