About Us

A family business we originally got into this industry as we had a modified car which sustained stone chipping, swirl marks and scratches every time we took it out on the roads, it had to be repaired constantly which was an additional cost. We found a way to combat this in 2003 and launched Paintshield Ltd to offer car owners the opportunity to protect their vehicle’s paintwork with paint protection film. Things have changed over the years with the advent of better and better paint protection film with “self healing” top coats and higher clarity that ever before.

Since our formation in May 2003 as a result of owners experiencing problems with stone chips and scratches to their vehicles, along with the attendant cost of constantly having the car repaired, we have made it our mission to deliver the highest quality flawless installs along with unmatched customer service.

Our philosophy on customer service is that delivering what we are contracted to do is not customer service, that is just providing what the customer expects as a result of the transaction. Customer service to us is doing those things that aren’t expected or required to be done. We strive to deliver the best value for money in our industry. We were the first in Our industry to provide a no failure aspect to our warranty (running since 2003). We were the first to provide in house transport in our industry, the first to provide quality courtesy cars.

As part of our quality commitment we categorically guarantee never to take a knife to your car, a guarantee that has been in force since day one of our operations back in 2003.

You are our most valuable asset and the full client experience we deliver goes to the core of who we are, tens of thousands of happy clients since 2003 are testimony to this. In our industry the difference is the skill and quality of install no one should know our product is on your vehicle but you, we achieve this on every car we do, whether it’s the latest hyper car or a more modest daily runner all our clients get the same level of care and attention as they rightly expect.

We would be privileged to be your first choice to work on your pride and Joy and hope to deal with you for many years to come.